1 Dark Chocolate mini canelé, 1 Pink Praline mini canelé, 1 Pink Praline macaron

Valentine's Gift Box

Gourmet Love Box

4 Pink Praline Mini Macarons, 3 Dark Choco Mini Canelés, and 2 Pink Praline Mini Canelés

1 large Pink Praline Canelé, 2 large Dark Choco Canelés, 4 dipped Chocolate Strawberries

Strawberry Love Box

Loving Tree

20 mini caneles assorted flavors: Dark Chocolate and Pink Praline.
10 strawberries dipped into Dark Chocolate ganache.

"Canelés by Céline are wonderful and delicious. Each time I take a bite, the flavor brings me back to my childhood."
~Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten


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